Holidays for Carers

If you are the full time carer of someone who needs regular support, for example a family member, guardian or friend, then you probably want a holiday too. It could be that the person you care for has never been away before on their own, especially abroad, and this makes it hard for you to have a holiday on your own.

If you choose a holiday thats in our Provence program in the south of France, then we have access to some accommodation in the Gorges du Verdon and surrounding area. You can travel down to Provence with the person you care for and we can give them a supported holiday whilst you relax close by and take a separate holiday with the peace of mind that if you are really needed you are not far away.

If you'd like to find out more, please get in touch.

"A massive and very late thankyou for the wonderful week that Felix had, and that the whole family enjoyed in Provence.  He is still talking about it, and is full of pride for the independence that he had and the friends that he made. You seemed to get the balance absolutely right, and the week played to all his strengths. A big thankyou also to Jen and Hayley.  As a parent it is not always easy to see Felix developing , but a week like that also allows us all to see how grown up he is becoming, and to visualise a more independent future for him. He thrives on being with other young people, and on the sort of atmosphere which you have managed to develop in Go Provence.  It was also a great arrangement to stay in the house in Rougon- a lovely place, and great neighbours laid on for us too! Thanks also for the oui oui car, which made us feel like real locals."

Tim Gluck, commenting on a carer holiday him and his family had with Go Provence